Download ANF CA certificate

Whatever your Operating System, this is the way to download your electronic certificate issued by ANF AC

Download your ANF CA certificate

We can download our ANF AC electronic certificate as many times as we need during its validity, we can do so:

  • Accessing from the link you received in the ANF AC issuance email,
  • Or by accessing the ANF AC personal area directly at the following link.

Logging into the ANF AC personal area


Here we have two options to log in:

  1. Certificate in browser: If you already have at least one ANF AC certificate previously installed on your computer, you can use it to access your personal area.
  2. Username and password: in any case, we can always identify ourselves with this method.

image-png-1 (1)

In the user field, we have two options to identify ourselves:

  1. The email associated with your certificate,
  2. Or with your ID number (we recommend this last option)

In case you do not remember your access password, we recommend that you read this other article.

Downloading the ANF CA electronic certificate

Once inside the personal area, we will go to the My Certificates section and click on the PFX button of the certificate to download:

mis_cert (1)

Next, the certificate PIN will be requested:

image-png-3 (1)

Once this is done, the download will begin and you will be able to see an installation video tutorial depending on your usual browser:

descarga_certif-1 (1)

Frequently asked questions

When entering the personal area it asks me for a password

This happens when the personal area has been logged in for some time without interacting, or the last time it was accessed, the browser was closed without first logging out.

It is a security measure, to protect your certificates from misuse by a third party (for example, if you have left the computer unattended with the session open, or similar).

In the event that you do not remember your password, simply close the password window, and log out on the icon in the upper right corner:

logout (1)

Once this is done, you will return to the login screen and can recover your password as we indicate in this article.